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Buy Psychohertz Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Online– Da Vinci & Galileo Speakers

If you wish to experience the sound of multiplexes then you should definitely consider buying the all new & amazing Bluetooth wireless speakers from Psychohertz. Psychohertz comes in the range of the best in class, stereo sound and wireless Bluetooth speakers that make for the perfect fit for someone who likes to fill up spaces with sound. Psychohertz wireless Bluetooth speakers are of two types - Galilio & Da Vinci speakers, with DSP Audio Process technology offer detailed surround sound effect that make every little sound loud and clear. They are driven by impactful 10-20 W peak power that brings the explosive cinematic sound quality to your home. The supreme sound quality is accomplished by an elegant wooden finish exterior that gives you the surround sound experience while you watch movies, listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite television show or even while playing games.

Psychohertz Bluetooth Speakers Compatibility

With Da Vinci & Galilio Bluetooth wireless speakers, you can get that surround sound on your PC, Laptop or games with stereo sound that has DSP Audio Process. So get the feel of the thunderous explosions or hear the faintest of footsteps with the Psychohertz Bluetooth speakers . These speakers gives you the flexibility to connect up to 2 audio sources. So you can enjoy your music or game through your PC, game console, music player or any other device by setting it up with these speakers. Pair your speakers which are enabled with Near Field Communication ( NFC Support ) such that it surrounds your room and give you the feel of a movie theatre. These Wireless Bluetooth speakers ( Da Vinci Speakers & Galilio Speakers ) convert the stereo sound from your favorite old movies, music and games into an immersive surround sound experience so that you can hear every detail all around you. The impeccable features together make up to accurately recreate the final surround sound mix in your movies, songs and game soundtracks.

Psychohertz Wireless Speakers Finger Touch Technology

Control the acoustic sound from the comfort of your finger touch with an easy touch to control console feature. The stackable design of the Psychohertz wireless Bluetooth speakers makes it easier to be placed on the TV unit along with other devices or even spread across the room or may within the vicinity of your PC. The compact dimensions can be easily fitted anywhere. The powerful sound speaker system makes it easy for you to turn any room into a home theater and so clear that you can hear every tire squeal, footstep and rumble the way the studio intended.

Psychohertz Speakers - For those who do not compromise

Psychohertz exemplifies technology and expertise gained through a leadership role in professional sound reproduction and has been synonymous with the precise, naturally articulated sound found in many of the world’s most prestigious locations, including clubs, cinemas and recording studios, and live-music reinforcement in venues ranging from concert halls to outdoor stadiums.

Full Sound Immersion

Psychohertz’s portable wireless speakers make up for an ideal source of tranquil sound be it for office spaces, home spaces or even a party. Both Speakers, the Da Vinci Speakers & the Galileo Speakers have been designed and engineered with high-quality components to deliver ultimate immersive audio.

Enter a new dimension of sound

Discover a new level of immersive, cinematic audio at home or wherever you go with these highly portable wireless speakers . With Psychohertz speakers, you'll enjoy three-dimensional surround sound that takes your breath away.

Psychohertz Portable Speakers works as Party Starter

Turn up the party for everyone with Psychohertz portable bluetooth speakers that support high power sound with sheer ease that make them the perfect party starter. Da Vinci & Galileo create plenty of volume, and their spread-out sound means people can hear the music from any angle.

Say It with the Sound

The best way to say you care is through music. So, buy Da Vinci speaker and Galileo speakers at best prices from our official website today and gift it to someone you wish to show you care. These wireless portable speakers make up for the best gift to anyone for any occasion as they are quite stylish with wooden finish and come in different tones and the best part is that they support bluetooth connectivity.

Buy Da Vinci Bluetooth Speakers Online – Psychohertz Speakers

Da Vinci from Psychohertz is one of the best portable and wireless Bluetooth speakers that you can buy online. Its sound is clearer, livelier, more spacious, and more natural than its competitors. This impeccable portable wireless speaker from Psychohertz has got an amazing combination of extraordinary design and complex fabrication which truly makes it unbeatable.

The aluminum net at the front and wood grain shell at its back bounce together to give it a smooth and elegant finish, deep base and expedient sound that's why it is also called Bluetooth wooden speakers. It sounds full, with smooth reproduction of everything from bass notes to cymbals, and it plays loud enough to fill a room with sound.

Configured with Stereo System – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

It gets you closer to the sound of a real stereo speaker system than any other Bluetooth portable speakers and delivers enough volume to be heard over loud party conversation. It’s also more refined and elegant looking than most Bluetooth speakers. To make it stand out from otherwireless Bluetooth speakers, we’d like you to take a glance at some of its most exceptional features which are:

The resilient aluminum base of the Da Vinci Bluetooth speaker makes it extravagant with 2.0 stereo separate chamber design. The internal hardware of Da Vinci incorporates a perfect assembly of TL Amplifiers, ST Microelectronics and DSP ICs which together work out to produce amazing sound quality. Power Output being 5W*2RMS 1%THD comes off as exceptional considering the Power Input being 12V, 1.2 A & Frequency Response being 80Hz-18KHz.

Adding to many of Da Vinci’s features, operating it is another win-win. Just slide it in or slide it out, and that’s all you need to control your Da Vinci. Also, these portable speakers charge fully in just 2 hours. So, no more longtime wait to play some kickass music. Whether it is turning it on, turning it off, turning the volume up or turning the volume down-you can do all with just sliding your fingers on the buttons, It is possible just because of the Psychohertz’ amazing touch console technology in it.

No matter your mood, be it peppy party or Dope EDM or Crazy Bollywood or just some Netflix and chill, you can just pair it up with your device and you’re good to have your own leisure time with the quality sound of Psychohertz speakers.

Highly integrated with a smart-touch control panel to eliminate the need buttons. Designed to go wherever you want to bring the music. Bring an exciting sound-show to go along with any of your mega events at home or office spaces. Your go-to party starter always! However, it’s heavy for its size being 200*200*115 mm in dimensions and not as rugged as the other Bluetooth speakers, so it’s best suited to places like offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Buy Psychohertz's Galileo Wireless Speakers Online

If you want a good all-around portable wireless speakers and want to spend the bare minimum, The Galileo portable wireless speakers from Psychohertz is a great choice. Galileo from Psychohertz is an extremely high-fidelity stylish portable wireless speakers with an excellent range of low-frequency radiators accompanied with two 1.5” amid-range horns and one 4” subwoofer which makes it an amazing portable wireless speakers with best sound quality. Right from its exceptional high-end design finish to acoustic sound quality, Galileo is all set to change your mindset for a traditional speaker.

Galileo Wireless Speakers Long-Lasting battery

With a long-lasting battery and superior audio quality, the Psychohertz 5W wireless speaker fulfills all your music needs at home and on-the-go. With its 36-mm drivers, you can enjoy the crystal-clear stereo sound. The integrated aluminum & wood exterior with deep base gives a powerful bass so that you don’t miss any beat. With this best portable speakers, you can stream your music anywhere and enjoy your favorite jams for hours.

Galileo Bluetooth wireless speakers sound quality

The sound is a notch above that of Da Vinci speakers (which is itself an obvious standout), with clearer voices and more tuneful and realistic bass and delivers much more bass than other mobile speakers available today, so it’s much better for hip-hop, R&B, and rock, and it has enough power to fill an average room with sound, rather a completely different kind of portable bluetooth speakers intended to pump out maximum volume for pool parties, picnics, and tailgating.

Yet although it can blast, it can also soothe. It gets you closer to the sound of a real stereo speakers system than any other wireless portable speakers and delivers enough volume to be heard over loud party conversation. It’s also more refined and elegant looking than most portable wireless speakers.

Battery life is also impressive, clocking in at close to 3 hours with a two and a half hour charge time. You can also pair two Galileo speakers together with one device at the same time, thanks to the wireless speakers twin-connection feature. Not only that it sounds brilliant and have become the go-to choice for portable music on the go.